What Clients Say

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Working with James over the past several months has been extremely productive, eye opening, and kind of amazing. I originally came to James for business advice, but as many say’s, your business forces you to heal all of your “baggage”. I thought I had, but now all my baggage was hidden in how I ran my business. James began our sessions with general chatting, and from a single sentence trigger, he would pick up on an imbalance that was occurring in my office and bring it to the surface. He helped me to address the issue, acknowledge it, figure out a plan to correct it, and check in to see if it was corrected before we move forward. This happened session after session, until the balance and flow of my business was established for possibly the first time ever.

-Neetu, Naturopath



James is extremely talented, professional, results oriented and a keen mind for business and people. We got a lot of work done, and it wasn’t difficult.  It is really nice to have someone fully on your side, who give you direct and honest feedback, which as difficult as it may be to hear sometimes, isn’t when it comes from him. He offers it from such a solid and easy to follow place. His ceiling for success was much higher than mine, so it is amazing to have his guidance and expand my life and business. I completely recommend James to anyone who is dedicated to taking responsibility and changing their life and business!

-Mark, Lawyer



James is exceptional at breaking down projects into manageable chunks and planning out the most efficient route to a desired goal. He has drastically improved my productivity by keeping me accountable to weekly plans and taking the extra time to understand and provide valuable insight into all the complexities that go into the decision making process along the way. If you want to kick start your productivity and keep it consistent, give James a call.

-Houston, Entrepreneur



With James as my business coach, I have changed my leadership approach and significantly grown my business. I now see things more objectively and operate on a more action focused manner. Working with James helped me plan and execute my business better. So much so we were able to grow our sales by 50% in 3 months. Since then our staff turnover has declined and customer retention is on the rise. Overall I feel like I run a business now rather than have a big endless job.

-Eric, Crossfit Gym Owner



James helped me from day one of starting my business. We had previously worked together on life coaching, but when I began my new business importing furniture for wholesale, James is who I wanted to work with to setup and grow my business. In two years I have been able to go from my first shipping container, to operating a six figure a year business with the necessary systems and processes to keep growing. James was most helpful in determining daily and weekly tasks to keep me focused and reduce the overwhelm. His expertise in marketing, branding and social media was a huge help. I would recommend anyone who is building or looking to grow their business contact James.

-Kav, Furniture Importer